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Slovenia Sport Climbs A new, revised and updated edition of a sports climbing guidebook to the Slovenian climbing areas. About 4600 routes, with 3 new climbing areas added, the number of crags has increased to 95 at present.This guide rounds up all the sports climbing possibilities from the Mediterranean area, including Osp and Misja pec, to the alpine regions of the Julian Alps and the hills of the Slovenian north-east. No of Pages: 544 Page Size: 150 x 210 mm ISBN 9789616027854 Binding: Paperback Illustrations: drawn topos plus photos

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Palacios Valdeorras Sorte O Soro 2016 Weißwein ...
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Das ist nun wirklich ein Meisterstück von Rafael Palacios! Bereits der erste Jahrgang des »Sorte O Soro«, der in den Verkauf gelangt ist, hat sich auf Anhieb in den Olymp der 'Weißweingötter' katapultiert. Die über 40 Jahre alten Godello-Reben stammen von einer Terrassen-Einzellage auf ca. 720 Meter Höhe in Santa Cruz do Bolo in der D.O. Valdeorras und wachsen auf fein-sandigen Granitböden. Klimatisch ist diese Region sowohl vom Atlantik als auch kontinental beeinflusst. Der »Sorte O Soro« reifte über 8 Monate in neuen französischen Eichenholzfässern (500 Liter) auf der Hefe. Seine wahre Größe wird er sicherlich erst in den kommenden Jahren preisgeben. Luis Gutiérrez von Robert Parker's WineAdvicat vergibt stolze 98 Punkte für den 2016er Jahrgang. »I had high expectations for the 2016 Sorte O Soro, one of my favorite modern unfortified white wines in Spain. The wines have gained precision in the last few years, and I was curious to see in which direction this O Soro was going. This comes from a single plot of old-vine Godello planted in 1978 on a north-facing, sandy granite amphitheater at 710 meters in altitude. The vineyard is organically farmed and is in the process of being certified by Demeter. The must fermented in new 500-liter oak barrels with indigenous yeasts and had an élevage of seven months with the fine lees in those barrels. However, there is no oak to be found on the nose or in the flavors, and it's fragrant, subtle and elegant with aromas of white flowers with the coldness of granite. It feels like an updated version of the 2014, silky and elegant but also very intense with pungent and persistent flavors and a strong saline sensation on the finish that lingers in your mouth for a very long time. Vibrant, electric, intense, regal and noble, with great purity, this is one of the finest white wines produced in Spain. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. 2,800 bottles were filled in September 2017.« (Feb. 2019)

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