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Dynamic Curly: A Sometimes Laugh Out Loud Persp...
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The book offers some natural hair care tips. This publication also offers advice to those who have been natural for less than three years. Based on trial and error, the author, who wears her hair natural, has learned what works for her hair and what does not work. From using a straightening comb on her hair to not getting enough nutrients in her body, she has made a lot of mistakes over the years in regards to her hair. She has learned a valuable lesson: what you eat and drink in turn can reflect how your hair looks. One year she mostly ate vegetables and sometimes would eat fish. That is the year her hair flourished. Also, she consumed Fiji water, which she has found was good for her skin and hair. If you have curly hair or tightly coiled hair, it can sometimes be should this be put: just a pain. In this publication, there are tips on how you can maintain your hair and the author offers some humorous stories about how she has had to deal with her own hair. The author, Alicia Mendsey, also known as Stephanie, has not chemically processed her hair in 10 years. She first transitioned from relaxed to natural in 2007. In February 2008, she had her hair cut short, removing the relaxed ends she had. It was initially a struggle for her to manage her hair. She would go to her hair stylist about four to five times a year. The stylist would style her hair in small two strand twists and sometimes straighten her hair. When Alicia would get her hair straightened, she felt alive. She loved her hair straight, and it was easier to manage. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michelle Cronin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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