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Mel Bay Fitzgerald Meg - Irish Art Songs - Voice
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DescriptionThis delightful collection of Irish songs has been compiled and set as Art Songs by the European Duo Chitarra Canta, featuring soprano and flutist, Meg Fitzgerald, and classical guitarist, Guido Böger. Having noted the dearth of good concert literature for this type of duo, the performers, both well-versed in the Celtic and Classical music traditions, and adept at creating their own arrangements, decided to include such songs in their programs. With this volume, they want to share them with other performers and enthusiasts. These songs can be used equally well for the stage, recitals, pub singing, and private events, or for simple pleasure. The collection consists of a wide variety of songs, the music being completely written out for voice and classical guitar, but also with chords and annotations for a variety use. Featured here are such well-known songs as The Last Rose of Summer, Siúil a Rúin, or She moved through the Fair, along with many other lyrical gems, in unique, wonderfully inspired arrangements. Audio downloads of the songs, as performed by the authors, are available with the purchase of this book, sampled from their CD, Aisling – Irish Art Songs and Music. The complete CD can also be purchased by writing to: ´´These arrangements for voice and guitar... well approach, ... the genuine form of Irish folk music. The choice and interpretation of of the pieces... give ample evidence as to the familiarity of soprano Meg Fitzgerald, and guitarist Guido Böger with this music.” (Concertino magazine, vol. 1/2007).

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