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Forbes, April 22, 2013, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 82min
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Welcome to Forbes for April 22, 2013 from Audible. This edition contains seven feature articles. In the cover story, we´ll tell you. . . ´´How Volkswagen Will Rule the World” -- Nothing will halt Volkswagen Chief Martin Winterkorn´s audacious onslaught on the auto business. Not even Europe´s collapsing economy. Also, ´´Merck Could Return to Greatness if the CEO Can Leave His Own Past Behind” -- Merck has introduced more new medicines in the past 60 years than any other company. However, it hasn´t launched a drug that has reached annual sales of more than 1 billion dollars since 2007. Next, ´´Life After Barbie: Why Mattel Isn´t Scared of iPads and Video Games” -- CEO Bryan Stockton believes a new action figure, debuting this summer, will join the company´s other promising toy franchises to smooth Mattel’s way in a post-Barbie world. We´ll also tell you, ´´Why There´s No ´Cooking With Honey Boo Boo´ On Food Network” -- The Food Network has succeeded with a radical plan: staying true to its roots. It’s impossible to find a program on the cable channel that doesn’t deal with cooking. Then, ´´In Silicon Valley Talent War, Zombie Math Rules” -- There´s a worldwide scramble to find great software engineers -- and for some companies, a winning approach involves zombie math games. Followed by, ´´How a Mourning Entrepreneur and a Dogged Doctor Rescued a Rare Disease Drug” -- Marc Beer was done starting companies--until he met a doctor who could help patients with a rare and terrible disease. Investors couldn´t be happier. And in our final story, ´´Is This the Fastest-Growing Game Company Ever?” In less than a year Supercell has launched two of the biggest apps in Apple´s history. It´s now grossing $70 million--a month. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ken Borgers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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